VYO Education

To offer a unique weekend learning program to develop an appreciation for India’s rich cultural heritage, a sound value system and a variety of life skills to the children for a more productive and well rounded life.

To prepare well-balanced, competent and compassionate citizens of tomorrow who are proud of their roots, heritage, culture, history and religion and are ready to build a brighter tomorrow.

Children and the future of our children and their community is the focal point of VYO’s education. We strive in teaching the children of our future great Hindu values and culture, and ensure they have a strong foundation and roots in their upbringing.

Why choose VYO education for your children:

• Encompasses fundamental Hindu values and traditions
• Teaches basic Hinduism – Gods, religious holidays and festivals
• Learn Pushti Margh shlokas
• Touches on the importance of India’s geography and history in the Hindu culture

We have a great team of dedicated teachers who volunteer a great deal of time and effort into ensuring a strong foundation for our children.

VYO offers education classes for all children, ages 6-16, varying in level of difficulty.

Enroll your child in VYO’s education class today.

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